Friday, March 22, 2019

our winter

So over the winter when I have not been posting on the blog - I have kept busy - my winter started with theater and ballet and went on from there to concerts (classical and otherwise) - then classes and travel- and many meals and social engagements - 

meals included Outstanding in the Field again this year-

and we also went to the rodeo- my first time-

and I went back to school.  This year I found many classes I wanted to take and although that is a big time commitment- here they are:

At OLLI (lifelong Learning) I am taking three winter classes - 

and three spring term classes- 

 back to school.... and symphony season  - and the Jewish Film Festival 

also saw a number of shows at Fogartyville this winter- here are just two 

got in two wine dinners during the weekend of the canceled Forks n Corks- 

saw a whole season of ballet - and performance by Martha Graham Dance Company - 

So I have been busy despite not blogging - or perhaps it is more - not blogging because of being busy... alas- it matters not because this is a taste of our winter activities and serves merely as my "memory bank for later" LOL....

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