Wednesday, March 15, 2023

more classes and a lot of dinners

So we continue on with classes and - sometimes we learn stuff but the going is slow. meanwhile we still have a lot of good dinners to report on. Since the last post, in class we have gone to the Triana market and to a designer's atelier and met a number of the teacher's former students who come back to visit. we have tried a few more restaurants but also dined around the corner in the "diner" style place.

This first one was a sort of Spanish Dutch place Los Tulipanes- 

One day we went to the market and the others stayed on for a cooking class while we went to see a lawyer about visas.

buildings near the market- 

Phil's lunch near the lawyer's office-

more dinners - 

and some photos from our visit to the designer's atelier - flamenco and dresses for Feria- 

at the outlet store of the designer- 

back to food- LOL

and more food- 

and finally catching up with some photos of "along the way"

a new place Cristina stopped at to check out- a carry out for meals - looked good- if you had an oven or even a microwave....

Today we went to the storage place to rent a locker and get our luggage load for homebound flights lightened -  and  tonight we are meeting David and Paul for dinner at the Italian place- looking forward to pasta for a change- stay tuned for more- 

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