Thursday, May 11, 2023

friends catch up

 so I realized that I haven't been on for a while and decided to catch up.  That's what we have been doing- catching up with friends and getting work out of the way etc.  I finally unpacked the last box of things from Florida on Monday this week (three and a half weeks after our return which I was actually pretty good with given how much shit we had to find space for.) 

We also did our drivers licenses and voter registrations and transfer of titles - which in a roundabout way led to my car being totalled on the way to the clerk's office - long story - no need for details - I am fine and my car is completely gone.  We are still in process with the claim but it's mostly sorted out.

so we have made the rounds of some of our favorite places in the hood for dinner - including Bien MeSabe where they didn't have the Cachapa I usually order, so I ordered soup and was disappointed. but we soldiered onward-- LOL

and we also went to Bayan Ko to catch up with Lawrence and his latest menu- 

We also went to George Trois for a fabulous homage meal for Cafe La Cave...

a detail from the meat/main course- 

the next photo shows one of the best courses I have ever had not only at George Trois but also at many other places we have been to eat- 

We also had a terrific dinner with John & Stephanie at El Ideas- 

We also had dinner with Jenny at JEONG and got a chance to catch up with Dave Park and Jennifer Tran

We also tried out Sochi Saigonese Kitchen for an excellent lunch!

We went to a concert at the Old Town School- Richard Thompson- singer/songwriter of one of my favorite songs- Beeswing

Then to round out the time we have been home - I saw the dentist, had a crown on an old restoration- saw the dermatologist, scheduled annual medical things - as we have always done upon returning from six months away.... Phil has done the same. so we are keeping busy.  Tomorrow Mike & Leslie are coming to dinner, next week- the theater, dinner with Lee & Nick and a few other things- getting back into a routine...

While no one is traveling until post Memorial Day, Phil with Jeremy to Ireland, and both of us to Montreal, and TB and I in Canada., I have been planning trip stuff and we have been working on first steps toward our non lucrative visa in Spain..... never a dull moment...

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