Sunday, September 17, 2023

the saga continues - more out and about

 dinners - I cooked a left over meal for late night after Phil had a concert.  Then the next day, we met friends Ron & Mary for the latest iteration of menus at  George Trois,  Mid week we went out for Sichuan food. Tonight, it will be Italian with Mike & Leslie at Il Milanese.  The big event Pause for the Cause charity dinner for Vibrant Emotional Health (National Suicide Prevention Hotline) which we have the menu for already - at Obelix, in collaboration with El Che.  My free form pasta for late night dinner. 

then George Trois 

then our mid week Chinese- 

and here are photos of tonight's dinner at Il Milanese with Mike & Leslie....

and the menu for tomorrow night's Pause for the Cause dinner!

Course 1
Seafood Assiette (this will be a collaborative course featuring cold crudo items from Obelix and cooked/warm options from El Che)
● El Che (Baked Oyster)
○ Delaware Oysters baked a sauce inspired by Brazilian fish stew
○ Skull Island Prawns (salsa macha)

○ Tuna Belly - Seared Foie - Tare - Japanese Mustard and Truffle Vinaigrette - Umeboshi and fresh plum puree - Crispy Rice

Course 2
● El Che Sweetbreads
○ (smoked at El Che, for service they will be brushing with rendered beef fat and either searing in cast irons or kissing on our grill) served with chimichurri aioli -grilled lemon
○ Obelix (Duo of Pork) Crispy tete de cochon, blood pudding, celery root & apple relish - apple butter mostarda

Course 3
● Fish Course (Lobster Pithivier)
-Poached Lobster, lobster mushroom, corn, granny smith apple, torpedo shallot, Scallion, tarragon, parsley chive, all wrapped in a scallop mousse. Lightly steamed and wrapped in savoy cabbage. Wrapped in pate brisee and baked till golden brown, finished with sauce Americaine and confit tomato.

Course 4
● El Che
○ Grilled Spinalis served with Individual Bone Marrow - Tomato Jam - Baguette
● Obelix (Dry aged Duck breast) Pomme Frites, Duck Au Poivre Prepared “Manion” Style

so as usual we never go hungry... 

Monday's dinner is with Ron & Mary to celebrate TEITUR with the traditional burger meal. This time we will do the dinner at Brownstone nearby. Some photos of Teitur himself... taken off the internet - and yes it's a long story...
found here- if you want to know -

We are on our way to DC this next week to spend some time with cousin Megan, who will be in from Madrid to do some work on the home she and her husband own in DC.... so busy busy busy....

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