Friday, December 29, 2023

we finish 2023 and .....

 So we returned from NOLa and spent the next weeks organizing ourselves for the move to Spain and saying farewells to favorite places to dine in Chicago. A dinner at George Trois with Lee...

Then Oceanique with Ron & Mary

and then Il Milanese  

Then a terrific dinner at Lee & Nick's home for ropa vieja and black beans and rice--- YUM!!!

with adorable Diego to keep us company- 

and a strong cocktail from Nick - master mixologist!

an app for us to use to help soak up Nick's pre dinner cocktail 

and a final pre-Christmas meal with Mike & Leslie - after their return from the Galapagos -  Chinese food from Chengdu Impression

Then two days later we left for Spain - for five+ months!

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