Sunday, December 31, 2023

We finish 2023...

 as we usually do- we are staying in for New Year's Eve  and enjoying new traditions.  But before we get to NYE we will finish up the rest of our activities in photos.  We had a wonderful lunch with my intercambio Julia and her husband, Pablo and the new baby! 

We had a nice meal at AMARA (we had gotten there once last spring and again found it - an interesting change of pace, with creative cooking and professional plating and service.)

First our lunch at Casa Robles with Julia, Pablo and little Pablo.

and our "family photos from the meal"

Then the photos of our AMARA dinner- 

 If we didn't mention it - we got to Justa Rufina for one of our better meals this week. 

so now here we are with a new tradition for New Year's Eve - 

Preparing for our New Year's Eve celebration.  Our classmate (and Spanish speaker of six decades) informed us on Friday of a tradition that my intercambio verified for us yesterday at lunch. 
"Eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve is both a tradition and a superstition in Spain. One grape for each month because you want every month to be lucky, right? They don't have to be special grapes. Standard table grapes will do."

Of course by yesterday late in the day December 30th there were no grapes to be found in the city center Carrefour Express stores. So this morning on the last day of 2023 Phil went in search of grapes for us.  He came home from the entrepreneurial merchant's sandwich stand which conveniently carried grapes today!  

And so we will eat our grapes at midnight as we enter 2024. A year which brings us a new adventure of living in another country and our 70th trip around the sun. #GONOW


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