Tuesday, January 9, 2024


So we have been here a little over a week and we have made some progress in getting settled in but everyday seems to bring a new challenge. LOL. We have a few groceries and I tried cooking tonight but I am used to a fully equipped kitchen so I found it somewhat of a challenge to make a salad without a salad bowl - used two giant spatula handled ladles LOL and pasta without a colander (burned my arm with steam trying to do the hold the pot lid nearly on and drain- which was hindered by the lack of pot holders of any kind.... you get the drift. I did make myself some eggs the other day as we do have a skillet- pretty scratched up but at least once I washed it - moderately clean. LOL  You get the gist.  

However, in the positive category I got documents printed out for an appointment next week (at a copy shop- using broken spanish) and plenty of sonrisas (smiles). We have gotten groceries - Phil is the master of those.  We learned how to throw away the trash. this is no small feat in a city where the bins are tightly controlled by UNESCO World Heritage regulations. We have had a number of good meals nearby. 

We have done some walking in the neighborhood and finding plenty to photograph.

the evening photos are taken on walks home from dinners - the day time from walks out - for errands or just to explore....

more dinners out - to place we knew and to new ones - 

and we met up with new friend Lauren for tapas one chilly and drizzly evening - 

That brings us up to date- Phil has his first online Spanish class and our friend Lee arrives tomorrow afternoon.  We have to make yet another journey to Banco Santander to activate the debit card. And hopefully learn how to transfer money from the account to another bank. 

Brother Larry comes on Saturday (four days from now and Megan & Christian are coming on Sunday five days from now) so WOW we are busy - who knew the days would fly by so quickly?!  we are headed to Cadiz with Lee for an overnight. then back in time for Larry, Megan, & Christian.  Soon it will be mid to late January. We have been in touch with a real estate agent to begin a search for a full time residence and year round lease.  We still plan to summer in Chicago but want options for living elsewhere in the future.

so stay tuned to the space for more adventures of older people making a new life...

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