Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Mike comes and goes

 So Mike came on Saturday evening on his way home from Athens - a quick trip for him both in the Greece part and the Spain part. He left early Tuesday so he could get back home and then to St. Louis for a gig on Wednesday night.  Mostly we just hung out because he was so tired from the travel halfway around the globe. He did get a haircut from the Barber of Seville while he was here and it looked good!

First night we went to Acento and then the second night to Justa Rufina and the third to Casa Puerta with a lunch at Placido y Grata. On Monday evening he went to a local pub to watch the "football" match between Arsenal (Mike's team) vs. Liverpool while we went to have coffee with Phil's Spanish teachers.

Then later we had our dinner and bid farewell until we see Mike next (his touring schedule has him in Ireland, Scotland, and Greece for most of the early part of the summer.... so it will be a while. 

So a quick two and a half days. But meanwhile we have news- because during this same time we were able to secure and apartment for us to live in here in Sevilla for the next three years. It was mentioned in a prior post - we will be living in the former convent on Calle Bilbao on the top floor. We have worked out the contract terms and it has been taken off the market and we will be moving to the new place in less than three weeks! YAY. we have rearranged the rest of the spring to be mostly in Sevilla - with a short trip to Madrid to see Megan, Christian and Oscar and then a brief visit from Angela & Lee in the four weeks we will be in Valencia (to escape Semana Santa here LOL.)

Then John & Stephanie are supposed to visit in mid May (now here in Sevilla at our new place) - so we will be busy until we head back to Chicago in time for a dinner at Hermosa!

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