Friday, February 2, 2024

wanted: good home for two older Americans residing in Spain

 so on we go- we have begun looking at long term rentals for a more permanent arrangement for living here- 

the first place we saw was a building I admired on February 23 of last year on my way to school one morning -  stopped to take a photo of it- 

We liked the apartment very much but it is unfurnished and we had one other to see that was furnished before we wanted to commit. Here is the floor plan of this one.  And an exterior shot with the apartment outlined.

on the other hand the one we saw next was fully furnished and had outdoor space - 

so we had decided on the second one despite it being more expensive, as it came fully kitted out for folks like us- 

sadly though after two plus days of messing around with them - their demands became too unreasonable to contemplate. We were looking for 14 months rental and they asked for first month plus a month security deposit and then two additional months security deposit on the furnishings and housewares.  We were fine with that but then they threw up another road block of - get this - you have to pay the full amount of the lease in advance,  Seriously? We balked and said we can provide evidence of excellent credit and assets to assure we are on the up and up and they said no. Pay up front....

so we went to our fall back, an apartment we loved as well, and asked if they could furnish the place.We will see how this one plays out.  we don't really need much but beds and living room furniture and dining room table and chairs - but we would prefer not to buy them and three or five years from now be stuck giving away more furniture like we did when we closed our Florida place.

so we will see... 

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