Sunday, March 31, 2024

more eating in Valencia

 So we have been trying to stay warm despite not having packed the right clothes for the 40* weather we have been having regularly here.  It has been unseasonably cold in Spain the last ten days. In part we think it may be due to a sandstorm in the Sahara that has covered all of Portugal and most of southern Spain. So we have been staying close to "home" - going to the market and eating everything but dinner at our apartment.

today's brunch at home:

Last night's dinner - really excellent place- 

The night before we had a good dinner at a bad restaurant. A brazilian Japanese fusion place with terrific creative dishes and nice staff but an abysmal restaurant administration. QR code menus with no open wi-fi connection and a surly "bouncer" out front who tried to stop us from going into the restaurant.  The staff were pleasant but most spoke only Spanish and the clientele were mostly English speaking.  We did better than most because we actually are fairly decent with restaurant Spanish.  

You will see in the photos - the food was very creative- but we won't be returning- the meal was good but it was way too expensive to not have equally good service.  Here is a telling story of the way the place was run.  We wanted to leave a 20 Euro tip for staff and because all we had was a 50 Euro note we asked for change at the bar, telling them why we wanted it, and were refused ("we are not allowed to make change.") So no tip for the poor employees.... Oh well...


sorry, no photo - the sandwich was tasty but very very very messy! 

Today we are trying a Greek place - so we'll let you know - the time changed overnight to daylight savings and we are off kilter as we had no reason to get up early. So the sun sets now at almost 9 PM. YAY! unfortunately that is not yet making it warmer here... And it has been even colder in Sevilla! Which is a shame given that literally thousands of people are outside for the processions for Semana Santa. Photos taken below by my intercambio Julia last year from her balcony during Semana Santa. 

It is a very big deal - very big-  videos taken by Julia and Pablo (her husband) 

So more to follow- at the end of this week we are headed to Madrid- 

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