Sunday, May 26, 2024

rounding towards home

 Still making the rounds of our favorite eateries. And still trying new places. 

400 feet from our front door. The place we call the "ghost" restaurant or Brigadoon was the venue for dinner Thursday. Its hours are mysterious and online reserving is an impossibility.  We have stopped there for lunch in the past on the way home from school. And Larry and I had a coffee in January to escape the rain one morning after going to the Copi shop to print out train tickets.  I have stopped for soda and WC once or twice while out photographing the city. But we could never break the code on when it was open for dinner. I tried to reserve but never would get a confirmation that my request had been received. But on Wednesday night, as we retuned from Azotea they were shutting down so no longer busy but still there. We walked in and reserved for Thursday night outdoors.

When we've been by during open dinner hours, it's been mobbed with locals. Now we know why.  EXCELLENT food. Four platos, one tapa, and three drinks for 65€.  Phil had the leg of suckling lamb and I had the low temperature ribs. He started with seafood risotto and I had the salmon tartare with avocado.  We shared the puntillitas. (Sorry, missed the photo until the empty plate was staring at me!) Now we know why there is always a crowd. And given its proximity, we will definitely return.(Photo of other puntillitas we have had recently included at the end of the post  for illustrative purposes)

photos from prior times passing by - 

Another night we had a final round at Alimentari E Diversi for some good Italian

and one more stop at Brunilda

So tonight our last dinner out will be at our favorite classic tapas bar - Dos de Mayo in Plaza Gavidia. Tomorrow we are going for a late lunch to Terraviva before heading to the airport to begin the journey to the States. I will post photos when I get a chance... 

Now down to our last lunch before we start the trek home-  Terraviva... home of a great prix fixe lunch for 14 Euro!

Now on our way back to the States.

Then on the Madrid to Chicago flight- 

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