Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I know I know

I promised that there would be fewer wildlife photos but today we had a couple of visitors that all got up close and personal - so I can't help myself

our Anhinga showing his beautiful plumage

a white great egret visiting on the rail of the deck and a "close up" photo - although he was so close I didn't want to scare him and took this through the glass

a group of Ibis (curved beaks)- these were across the river and so the telephoto wasn't that stable - hence the lack of sharp focus.

and finally our littlest visitor and first reptile- sunning himself by the drain pipe. 

so the days at River Cottage each show their differences as we let them unfold.

later this week we have plans with CBGB and then with St. Pete friends so I know there will actually be photos of more than just our wildlife but just to appease those who visit the blog seeking adventure travel pics- here is one of a barber shop that I really like taken in India.

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