Friday, April 15, 2011

people pics

still catching up and working on culling my 2500 photos to a manageable number but meanwhile here are a few of our travelers in some photos I have come across in the seemingly unending task -

I have actually gotten down to 1600 so I am making SOME progress... but it is a task that takes focus and some days after my working day is done, it is all I can do to keep my head off the desk- LOL

From the Top- Max at the Museum in Tozuer; Max with La Bib, the environmental symbols of Tunisia; Max and Jennifer at the Star Wars bar in Matata.

From the Top: Jennifer at the giant carpet of Kairouan; Jennifer with freshly butchered camel's head; Jennifer and Dick at the Soiree.

From the Top: Howard walks the course in Tozuer; Howard dances at the Soiree; the Soiree evening - Dick- Jennifer- Carol- Howard- Sally; Dick and Sally dancing at the Soiree.

Caleche ride - from left - Sally, Dick, Mohamed, Jim and Max

More to come- just be patient!

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