Monday, April 11, 2011

home again again

arrived late on Thursday night. flights from Tunis to Paris to JFK went fine - JFK to ORD seemed interminable. now have started the picture editing process.  I got a coupon for 25% off photo books but only until 4/13 so I hope to get the culling process complete later today and the book put together by tomorrow night.  that way I can review and order on 4/13!

lots of laundry - all done now... and tons of email- still working on that...also we booked our flights for the Pinot Noir Celebration this summer and got our seats for our return flights in June from Cape Town.  We are home until early May and then a quick business trip before the safari trip/ S Africa trip...

anyway- got to get back to work and photos- so here are a few I liked that I have found along the way:

all from the Roman ruins at Dougga.  More later and later a link to the photo book when I complete that.

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