Sunday, August 7, 2011

no need to go

far to have a really enjoyable trip-

for years my buddy TB and I have traveled within these 48 united states of mainland USA... years and years back we started with LA and then a Key West foray and eventually we moved into a more regular pattern of what TB and his fiancee called (and now so do I) Disappearing America Road Trips (DART)

for my 48th state (Oklahoma) TB and I did a trip centered on US Route 66 and western art... before that we did a NM trip to the SW quarter of NM which is not exactly tourist Mecca...LOL

we did a trip to NE, SD, ND, MT, ID, WY and CO in a big loop and no, we did NOT miss Wall Drug- or Car Henge...

last year we moved a bit east for a change and saw eastern TN in depth with forays into KY, GA, AL, and NC along with an Indian nation where we ate lunch at the Indian Princess restaurant....

but the thing that got me started on this train of thought was coming across photos from two trips Phil and I made that brought the same "new things in your own bakcyard" kind of experience.

and here they are-

two photos from the west side market area of Cleveland...

 I think that guy's girlfriend told him "no Stogies in the house" LOL

and here are a few from another close by trip - to the Traverse Bay area of Michigan-
who knew you could combine functions so easily?

and finally- don't those Michigan peaches look wonderful?

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