Thursday, September 22, 2011

fond farewells & tearful goodbyes

I may not have made this clear in my most recent posts but I was about to go off to my final week of meetings.  These were held in Philadelphia and included a shareholder's meeting where my replacement on the Board of Directors would be elected.

so that is where I have been since Iddo's tour of Chicago. 

the week began with a Board meeting and then Phil arrived in time for dinner with friends Leslie and Gary.  he claims he still doesn't understand how I could RETIRE! (say the last word loudly for the full Gary effect- LOL)

the week went on with more meetings and more goodbyes - culminating in our annual dinner where a video of my 20 years with the company was played, the Chairman of the Board said really nice things about me and I cried- LOL.  it was all very touching and I wish my mom had been around to have shared it with. 

then yesterday - back at the office- we had a retirement lunch with my old crew  and cake with the whole staff.  after the cake and farewells I got on a teleconference for work - as my work actually runs until next week- LOL

anyway- as anyone who follows this blog knows- I have places to go and new experiences to create- so while it has been a fabulous two decades I have my eyes on the future...

so what kind of photos would be good for this post?  will have to go look - but I'll be back shortly with something- and then with more and more as time allows my traveling to expand...

so Wish Street- for wishing - hoping - planning for this time?

or the path to the future?

or the flight up and out on foot or by air?

or a bridge from the past into the next stage?

or a vision in process of being fulfilled?

I think they all actually work somewhat-- but here is the bottom line- excitement for what will come next!

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