Monday, October 3, 2011


day- of being retired:
got up late- cut my hair

cut up some corn on the cob that I steamed for a sweet corn risotto tonight
cut up some haricot verts for the same dish...
cut the bamboo shoots that were cropping up all over the yard- the plumbago (below) is doing very well

as is the invading ivy like stuff from my neighbor's yard which is now growing under the bamboo

and finally the parkway has filled in (no cutting there!)

did a bit of yard work (looking good)

and I generally had a low stress day until I ran into my neighborhood nemesis.. the destructive grey squirrel of North America- hated all over Europe!

I hate these things- they make me want to take up hunting.  the worst part of it is they have such attitude- this one brought his giant cookie over to eat on the fence just to drive Lucy and me crazy - all the while he is wiggling his tail at us in an "eff you" attitude...

only got one email from office asking a couple of questions- make that from FORMER office...LOL

and that is what struck me - day one- I didn't have the office hanging over my head- I didn't have to have the black berry at my finger tips where ever I went. I wasn't "on call" as the answer woman anymore- LOL

Phil said it will really hit me when we are traveling - because then I can finally be 100% there in the place we are without being tethered to the office. 

meanwhile we are discussing where to go next year--- will keep you posted...

got to get started packing for Phil's birthday trip- coming right up!

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