Saturday, April 28, 2012

amazingly full day

Our trip began in earnest today... much to see and do.  we started with a visit to the senior citizens center where we toured the church before visiting with the ladies and gentlemen who use the senior facility.  When we got our chance to interact with the folks there we exchanged songs and stories (in broken language skills for most of us.) Another group member and I played dominoes with a couple of the ladies there and were skunked 2-0 by the pros...LOL- we were lucky there was no wagering.

From there we went to the art and handicraft market where much of the art had two themes - Che and vintage cars... little innovation here but I did buy a baseball related photo for Phil. Then on to lunch at place along the harbor called El Templeto. This lunch started as every meal would with a rum drink. Cola is available called TuKola and sometimes TuKola diet...LOL

after lunch we toured old Havana and saw buildings in various states of repair along the route we took between three of the four main squares (plazas) in the old section of town.  We saw the hotel that Hemingway lived in before he and Martha Gelhorn (wife number 3) moved to the countryside outside of Havana, and several of his haunts.

we took bici-taxis back to the hotel at the end of the afternoon. Dinner was back in old town and then Leo took us to the only micro brewery in Cuba and then on to Floridita (home of the Daiquiri!)

so let's get to some photos to show you the day:

three of the Church where the senior citizens came for meals and fun and games

local color- the mops are different than ours are-

the folks at the center:

a boxing gym with stands for viewing:

an office in the art and handicraft market (note the ever present Che poster - his image is EVERYWHERE)


after lunch we started our tour in the square where the book market is located - check out the Hemingway classic - along with some revolutionary books...

some views along the way of both restored buildings and peeks at local life- an occasional "shop" and some of the Hemingway sites:

above: a look into a shared dwelling courtyard
below: the hotel where Hemingway lived

an old pharmacy which still sells homeopathic meds and then a little girl above the bakery next door along with the painted front of the bakery:

details from some buildings:

the cathedral square:

a blind guitarist outside one of the Hemingway haunts:

a small store front with handicrafts:

bici-taxi sign and some of the group on the way home to the hotel in the afternoon:

one of the four plazas and this one has undergone extensive restoration- photos of before and after are located in front of each restored building:

dinner was located in the plaza below:

then we went on to the brewery where Leo poured and then on to Floridita for the famous daiquiris!

busy day in Old Havana- but tomorrow holds new things as well- so stay tuned!

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