Saturday, May 19, 2012

another dinner

at a disappearing restaurant.  again a place we have been meaning to get to for more than a decade- LOL- no wonder these places go out of business.... only kidding- this one has been in business for 40 years.

anyway- we had dinner on Wednesday at Le Titi de Paris... in - well wherever- that was the problem it was an hour drive away- so you know we have lots of choices with excellent food that you can walk to much less drive in substantially under an hour- that is the luxury of being city dwellers.

anyway here is my thumbnail review- good to excellent food- abysmal service... truly abysmal-

this place was supposed to be high end- gourmet- and here are a few vignettes that showcase how bad the service was- we had a starter of a lovely grilled vegetable tart which was excellent but large enough that it had to be cut with a knife and fork- was definitely NOT finger food- and when the course was complete the waitress (I could hardly call her a server when you hear me out) took the knife off the plate (dirty) and returned it to the table!!!!! - I mean seriously- on a lovely white table cloth she put a dirty knife down rather than taking it away with the plates--- of our table of eight - six people commented on this...

the comment was overhead by another server who brought replacement knives for HALF the table - but the rest of us had to go with the dirty from the prior course---

another telling incident- my husband doesn't care for sauvignon blanc and so asked to skip that wine and instead have additional cava (from the prior course) which we could see on the sideboard there was more to serve and was told that the next wine was being served (exactly the one he didn't want...)

then in perhaps the worst blunder of the evening the main course was served with an appropriate red wine but of eight of us three were served NO red AT ALL-  and on top of that the entire wait staff disappeared from the room (break time?) so there wasn't even anyone to signal- so I got up and went to the sideboard to retrieve the wine and served the three unserved guests. 

mind you this was and $80 a person meal- at an allegedly high end restaurant in the burbs (no wonder we stay in the city to eat!)

anyway- they are closing June 16th- and it just MIGHT have something to do with the HORRIBLE service they have there-  - - seriously!

and as I said in the thumbnail the food was good to excellent- I rank the starter and fish courses excellent and the short rib main course very good and the dessert good but overall the experience was not a positive one.

here is the menu-

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