Sunday, May 6, 2012

we leave town for dinner

and head out to Lockport???? to Tallgrass.  it was a lovely dinner but cost $4.80 in tolls and was roughly 100 miles round trip.  we had been saying we would try it for years and finally made the trek. 

a meal easily ten times better than the lunch on Wednesday and half the cost...

here is the menu followed by some courses and some of the wines:

OK so I missed the photo of the walnut crusted trout - falling down on the job but I did get a really good shot of the dessert- which was wonderful!

doubt we will get back there anytime soon but it was a good anytime anyone is out in that area (???) we can recommend the place... a lovely small dining room paneled in wood with an original tin ceiling and high placed mirrors to give the sense of space.  all in all a plus but for the 60 minute 50 mile drive... :-(

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