Tuesday, July 3, 2012

doing nothing

well you haven't heard much from me lately because- I am doing nothing- which of course isn't 100% true but is true in general...

I have been doing regular work around the yard and the house and getting caught up on paper work and the mail but mostly I am staying inside to beat the heat... Chicago has been incredibly hot the last few weeks and isn't expected to cool off soon- today and tomorrow 100* is predicted... this is too much for me- I am a cool weather person... and to top it all off the weather in Bradenton (home of River Cottage and next year's Pelican Point rental home) has been more than ten degrees cooler than we have every day!

a friend posted this on her facebook page and I found it completely appropriate for the current situation-

I am pretty sure the popped guy's expression is what I look like when I come in from outside work- I know it is Phil's expression when he comes back from being out in the "field" for his job...

we are scheduled for a BBQ for the 4th of July tonight (the fireworks night) and I am hoping no one expects us to be friendly or anything...LOL

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