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foto faves

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

we have lunch with our girlfriends

yesterday we went to Frank 'n Dawgs- the most fabulous place in town for gourmet style encased meats...and truffle fries -  I had the brunch dog- pork sausage with over easy egg and bacon and a maple mayo in a toasted New England style lobster roll bun...

Phil had the double ducker (confit and duck sausage) one of our girlfriends (the older one- LOL) had the kimchi dog which had beef sausage with short rib and kimchi--- and our other girlfriend had the plain dog no fries and no bun (and no, she isn't a skinny blonde who refuses to eat - she is 14 months old...LOL)

we made a thorough mess of all of our dogs - they are very tasty and quite messy...

then we headed out for ice cream (Phil pandering to Alix) and Alix didn't really like that it was cold but once she got the taste of it- she was happy to keep eating despite that weird cold thing...

here are a few photos:

then later for dinner we met other buddies too- Sheil & Mary and Arno joined Laure and we had a lovely meal at Anteprima-

here were our starter wines- both bubbly and both showing well- and since we were sitting outside- these were the last I have decent photos of due to fading daylight... but it was a nice cool summer evening to enjoy with friends before Laure & Arno return to NYC with Alix this morning-

didn't get anhy of the food in the fading light but did manage the bread-- and you can see it is worthy!

so today - Phil went off to the ball game with his buddy Vicki and I am relaxing... tomorrow - back to school... did I mention we go to class on Thursdays at Northwestern University? I think I did... more on that later...

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