Saturday, July 14, 2012

gotta beef?

we did- LOL- for lunch today... this past week was a longstanding event at my former employer's for which many buds would be in town...

so yesterday Lynn and Maryanne arrived in the midst of a downpour (we needed desperately) and then later in the afternoon CBGB arrived with Craig and Michelle. Lynn left to head home after a busy work week and later we all went out to Sun Wah for the duck dinner - which was very good especially being shared with good friends.

CBGB stayed the night and today we headed to Mr. Beef on Orleans for lunch- had excellent Italian beef for lunch with chocolate MALTS!!!! consumed in the "elegant dining room" (their naming -not ours) at picnic tables (but they did have AC! Yea!

Then we headed across Erie to the Driehaus Museum to do the self guided tour there. Once the NIckerson home - its beauty and historic detail have been either restored or lovingly refurbished.  A worthy stop for those in the River North area of town.

here are a few cell phone photos- because it is "period" the lighting mimics gas lights and there is no flash photography - so only the most bright things made it to photos but you will get the feel for this Gilded Age mansion from even a few photos.

the crowning jewel - stained glass dome in the roof of the art gallery-

then CBGB left to return to their place in Michigan and we headed north into a bit more rain- but as I mentioned we are in a serious drought so no complaints from me... by late afternoon the deck had dried and Lucy started whining about going outside... back to everyday life- tomorrow dinner and a play with Sheila and Mary... The Death of Houdini!  got rave reviews - I will get back to you with mine...

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