Sunday, July 29, 2012

social week / Goosefoot

sorry I have been away so long but as usual - when we are home - we are busy...since the last post we have had dinner with Neil (Socca) and dinner with John & Kathy (Resi's) and dinner with Mick (Anteprima) - been working on October Denmark, Sweden and Finland trip plans along with Galapagos & Machu Picchu plans for next May... and...

last night we had dinner at Goosefoot with Sheila & Mary along with Robert & Catherine (who were celebrating a mind boggling 41st anniversary) and David & Sveta.

Goosefoot is pretty close to the hottest reservation you can score these days- excepting of course the almost impossibly complex NEXT ticketing process...

and...Sheila & Mary got us all a space there for dinner on a Saturday night and it is certainly worth the effort!

we had an incredible meal AND because it is also BYO - we had a very good selection of wines to pair with the various courses... and although not always the case, I thought our wines (1990 Clos de la Roche and 2002 Corton-Charlemange) showed especially well.

here are some photos - the menu and the dishes and the wines:

an amuse bouche- beet with citrus

the scallop/lobster course

the char course-

the duck -

the beef course -

the cheese course-

a palate cleanser of pomegranate and beet with olive oil drops - quite refreshing...

my personal favorite the sweet corn soup - "I'll have a quart to go please!" - sorry I got this one out of order because for some reason it was upside down the first time I loaded it--- LOL

the fruity dessert -

the chocolaty dessert -

an extra something- to end with (don't eat the wood!)

this was in the kitchen - not sure of how they were interpreting it but I know we were all fired up about the meal!

a quick tour of the kitchen during the clean up phase of the evening-

above- the chef shows off his micro greens
below - happy anniversary Robert & Catherine!

although most of these cell phone photos do not begin to do justice to the beauty of the presentation of the meal - they might scratch the surface of the wonderful evening we all had - we left the restaurant at 1:15 AM and were home in less than fifteen minutes as there isn't a lot of traffic at that time of the night in Lincoln Square.

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