Thursday, August 9, 2012

getting ready

We have a Hart, Davis champagne tasting tonight and I have been busy busy busy with my new found favorite collaborative travel website AFAR but I did get my packing list revised and packed this morning (mostly) for Bolivia and Colombia.  Meantime we are still working on the paper chase of a re-fi and trying to squeeze that in before my Tuesday early AM departure.  Since I am mostly ready I thought I would post a few photos that I have been using in my highlights on AFAR.






Myanmar (Burma) 

Amalfi, Italy  



Czech Republic

You can see from the variety that I have lots of place to "talk" about - LOL.  So don't look for much in the way of posts here until I get back from Bolivia and Colombia.  Then I will have lots to fill you in on... meantime- go to the photo website and start browsing there- all kinds of fabulous memories are contained within its "pages."

And speaking of that- one of the people (Allison Murray) whose AFAR highlights I have looked at has a little blurb on her profile I think sums it up:

I'm an adventurer and homebody. When I'm tempted to nap instead of experience an event I ask myself, "Would you rather do something you'll never remember or never forget?"

And the cool thing about this website is that when someone posts on a place you might want to go you can save that to a "wanderlist" for your own later use...

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