Thursday, September 27, 2012

flawless by chris nugent

flawless is something we don't usually get to say about a meal - especially an eight course meal but our return to Goosefoot brought that review of Chris Nugent's amazing gem.  I won't spend tons of time slobbering over the incredible taste combinations or the perfect execution of each course and will let the menu speak for itself:

an amuse bouche of beet with citrus

from there we pretty much follow along with the menu but for skipping the coconut (allergy)

a palate cleanser of pomegranate, beet and yuzu

the finale: a gooseberry in a chocolate dip!

we brought the Peter Michael (and gave another bottle to Chef Chris because he has a personal connection with Sir Peter Michael) and the Cristom - we switched to the Cristom on the duck course and then back to the white for the incredible pumpkin and white chocolate dessert course....good choices and safe ones as nothing was old enough to worry about how the age had affected it and the Cristom actually opened up really nicely over the meal... probably should have aerated it....

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