Monday, September 24, 2012

one more

short post from Colombia- remember the story about my becoming the Obleas lady? Well here are the locals laughing at my technique while the obleas lady helps me forestall my whaffly thing breaking into a thousand small pieces...LOL

and here I am in the gambling den in Santa Marta - thank god they didn't make me put up any real money- LOL

I love the above shot because I think this person with their finger in my arm is telling me to get out of the way even though I am the one in the game and they are on the sideline- LOL- gotta love group travel - in even small groups like this one of sixteen you get challenged by some people some times- you just hope that it passes over and there isn't one person - the same person all the time... here I was lucky and found myself irritated and then moving on- different people different times- but - I will say this- I came home happy that all my travel for 2013 is scheduled for private journeys.  I forget how tough it can be to "live" with others when we do so much traveling only on our own (all of our Europe travel and multi Argentina and Hong Kong as well as Singapore and Japan) or only with just two of us and our drivers and guides (all of our southeast Asia travel - for both Phil and me and Jennifer and me)

and finally - this shot of me - in 98* with 99% humidity after an hour long walk this is one Kimo took (actually these are all courtesy of James Brock) when Jairo in a gesture of true sympathy for us bought us beers and sodas as we all looked pretty much the same- LOL-well I do have that "glow" - LOL

rumor has it that I am getting some additional photos from arepa making- will keep you posted-

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