Friday, September 14, 2012

working back

the New York trip summarized in the last post took place after a quick trip to Michigan to visit CBGB (one day in between at home to unpack do laundry and pack again)-

we arrived around lunch time bearing brunch-y items and afterward went to a nearby little town for some scenery and ice cream.  GA cooked that evening - yummy ribs and local corn with a fresh tomato and basil salad.  the next day we did a bit of touring - had lunch in Leland and then headed to a winery- then into Traverse City for a bit of shopping- then another winery stop and finally a fabulous dinner at Stella!

a completely relaxing couple of days- on day three we had a quick lunch at the local inn at Crystal Mountain and headed out to Chicago... oh and did I mention that we left for Michigan after one day at home after my two week+ trip to Bolivia and Colombia? the day in between we refinanced the house - LOL.....

some photos- phone was losing charge so limited number of photos from Michigan....

next entry in the working backward blogging - Cartagena Colombia!

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