Sunday, September 16, 2012

something tells me

it's all happening at the zoo... LOL- well we interrupt our previously announced blog topic for a quick trip with friends to the zoo... it was a beautiful day on Friday - really our first amazingly wonderful day in months (horrid horrid summer) and our friends were visiting from out of town so we wanted to be outside.

we went to Franks n Dawgs for gourmet encased meat. my friend A.C. and I had the brunch dog (pork sausage, bacon, fried egg and maple mayo- YUM!)  and her husband had the Ruben Pulaski (some kind of sausage with kraut and crunchy onion topping) - excellent truffle waffle fries rounded out our lunch.  they thought they wanted to go to the Shedd but I suggested the zoo since it was SUCH a beautiful day and then we could be outside all afternoon.

the zoo has improved dramatically since I was a regular visitor there years ago.  gone is the (old) new ape house - replaced by a new new ape house... a new African safari type exhibit was excellent as was the reptile house. sadly the polar bear was missing in action (maybe he had the day off) and although I knew we had lost our last elephant (due to a death of the companion elder elephant - our last elephant was transferred to a location where she could have a friend) it was sad not to see these magnificent creatures while there.

so it was  a very nice way to spend a few hours and enjoy our marvelous FREE Lincoln Park Zoo.

photos are in no particular order and are things that just caught my eye....


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