Sunday, February 17, 2013

gone fishing

well not exactly - but we did go to the Fishing Festival in the Cortez Fishing Village yesterday.... this small village is where we go to buy our fresh fish- you have seen photos several times over the last couple of years- there are a couple of fish markets and a lot of fishing boats and birds- looking for a free meal...

each year they have a festival to raise money to save the wetlands next to the village and it takes place the third weekend of February and draws an incredible 25,000 people- the place is small- maybe ten streets in all five north and south and five east west in a grid- just east of the Cortez bridge to Anna Maria Island.

the day was chilly and it turned out rainy despite predictions of the rain being due on Sunday not Saturday... but there were still so many people that we waited in line for a long time for the shuttle bus to the remote parking location.

here are a few photos-

and below are some white pelicans we saw from lunch on the deck of the Swordfish Grill in Cortez just about a week before the festival - I had the shrimp sandwich which was very good but the music was so loud (even though we were seated across the deck) that I doubt we will return anytime soon...

I know the photo is blurry - they were far away - and it was my cell phone camera---

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