Wednesday, February 13, 2013

guests arrive, then leave, then more

arrive to take their places....

February rolled around - where exactly did January go? Flew by... Matt & Ann arrived 1/31 and we spent a relaxing four days together - did the usual route through favorites- Baci, Linger Lodge, Sign of the Mermaid etc...

on their last day we had lunch outside at Moore's and I snapped a shot of them on the dock-

our wines from the night we went to Baci- the 2000Terrabianca Riserva was ours and the Campofiorin was the restaurant's - we love that they have BYO for a corkage because we know we can bring something special when we want to-

Matt & Ann left on Sunday and Phil and I a bit caught up on Monday... then Tuesday I had the first session of my second class with GA-

the second class we are taking is on Romanticism in Art, Philosophy, Poetry and Music.  this one lasts for five weeks and meets on Tuesday at the Tampa Art Museum. 

The first Tuesday I left early by about 15 minutes so I could go get Lynn and Maryanne from the SRQ airport.  their flights were both early! Lynn arrived first from ORD and then about twenty minutes later MAK arrived from LGA...

we headed home and picked up Phil before we had lunch at the Shake Pit!

we spent much time doing nothing- and drinking umbrella drinks as we watched the sunset---

so after Lynn left - MAK was delayed a day due to the Nemo storm in NYC- we had a quiet Saturday and she made it home on Sunday.   I went to class on Tuesday and GA and I had lunch at the Oxford Exchange-- which- I can't believer I am about to type this....brings me up to date!

this weekend the Cortez Festival and then more social plans for the next six weeks - along with getting ready to close on the new condo- so stay tuned...

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