Thursday, June 27, 2013

celebrating 12!

wow- who knew a dozen years could fly by so quickly - tonight we went to Goosefoot to celebrate our twelfth anniversary - the staff there were so sweet- they had a dozen long stemmed roses waiting at our table- and a lovely note wishing us a happy anniversary-

the menu- fabulous as always! and some OK photos and some good photos- with the cell phone you never know--- LOL- but the food is even better than it looks---

I put the last course first because it had the anniversary wishes on it-  :-)

isn't this so incredibly beautiful???

and here is a close up that shows the level of attention to detail - astounding - and like I said it tastes even better than it looks!

for more Goosefoot meals just enter the term Goosefoot into the search and the posts of our prior visits will show up in a list- there are 10 total posts with goosefoot as a label to search-

we are both off in the AM for different locations but will be back for more fun and good times by the 4th - our nation's birthday...

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