Wednesday, July 31, 2013

another new place! a winner!

So we have a winner! actually there isn't a contest but we did find a new winning BBQ place right nearby!

the food was wonderful - the service attentive and friendly - the atmosphere casual and welcoming and it is BYO!!! how can you go wrong there? Sadly I forgot to take photos of our food before we dug into our lunch choices but our empty trays show the relish with which we ate- not  a morsel of the smoked meat left on either of our "plates".....

the menu- includes homemade root beer and fresh brewed tea (sweetened as you like it)

four choices of BBQ sauce (not shown- tucked in the back of the photo-  the Carolina mustard based - which was excellent for Carolina style sauce but is not to our taste- LOL)

a hearty "napkin" perfect for BBQ eating!

a mug of frosty root beer - house made!

wall art-

"outhouse" décor (it is inside the restaurant- LOL)

ball jar lighting with burlap- casual décor that is just part of the warm welcome!

our trays were empty! sorry about not giving you a chance to SEE the food- LOL

a vintage turntable spinning Allman Brothers for lunch (yes I once had both that turntable and that album set- LOL)

here's how to reach them! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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