Sunday, November 3, 2013

NEXT- Bocuse d'Or

next restaurant in Chicago is actually dining theater- and tickets are sold as such... in many ways a brilliant concept - and in others maddening- reservations are hard to score and each menu only runs for three months so demand is high and obtaining same night reservations (if you miss the original offering or don't have the time or  patience to sit in a cyber line) is dependent upon a vigilance for facebook and twitter that few in our age cohort have.

SO- we were thrilled when new friends Mon & Beth offered to include us in a reservation they had for Saturday night at the kitchen table! I really should make that like five exclamation points- because this is a BIG deal!!! LOL

so off we went- and first I will do the photos and then my remarks about the courses I liked and ones I didn't care for at the end...

then the full menu- don't worry about reading it as I will break it down along the way into smaller bite sizes- LOL

our table which isn't exactly right in the kitchen is right next to the action and only glass separates us-

we begin:

a bell arrives at our table- for the parade of the platters of ingredients that in the competition would be used for the dishes - they make their way around the dining room and make an extra stop at our table-

and we off on the odyssey of the evening-

then a table side show of freezing the centerpiece roses for a dusting atop the cauliflower course-

a close up of the lichen like item atop the beef- it was just so light it was a hint of being there until you put it in your mouth and it was all flavor!

the cheese course- where the cheese was shaved at the table to top the wonderful fruit flavors-

I moved the lattice (as in apple pie lattice) so you could see it better-

somehow I forgot to photograph the mignardise-

we had our server take a photo for posterity- sadly the flash didn't make it to the men- so they are quite mysterious - but you can see three happy ladies in the front row- LOL

and now my completely biased review- the course I liked the best was the osetra caviar bite- and the course I liked the least was the fall dessert- it just didn't suit my taste.  Every one of the appetizers from the terrine through the salad were fabulous and the fish and fowl courses were amazing- every one a winner.  The mushroom consomm√© was exquisite! And I loved the first dessert with the "apple pie"!

OK so it sounds like I am not too much of a critic but here are my minor gripes- very minor- I thought the beef course somewhat uninteresting and wonder how they are gong to do the next Next menu of "Steak" and make it fabulous- it is kind of like beef is beef.... the bone marrow mixed into the potatoes and replaced in the bones was a lovely touch but just didn't quite have enough to put this dish at the top of my LOVED IT list-

and then as I mentioned the last dessert course with the fall theme and the huckleberries just didn't do it for ME- others at the table loved it-

overall- an amazing meal - I would have the entire thing over again tonight up to the pheasant course and be a very happy camper! 

Thanks to M&B for including us in the evening - it was a very special treat!!!!!! (and that does get five exclamation points!)

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