Saturday, November 2, 2013

what a difference a year makes

or - WOW how time flies....

last week we went to visit friends who just had a baby girl - she was just barely 8 weeks old... and I thought how quickly she will grow up and how much fun her parents will have watching her develop more and more of a personality-

and then I came across some photos of our favorite preschooler in the whole wide world- and just yesterday (or so it seems to me) she was an infant and then a baby (the world's cutest baby) and then a toddler (again the world's cutest toddler) and now she is 2and 1/2 and the world's cutest preschooler!

and to show you I am not exaggerating I am posting the adorable photos to show I tell the truth (both about time flying and about how she is the world's cutest...)

these were taken each year in October- 2011, 2012 and then 2013 (6 months, 18 months and then 30 months) she lives 750 miles away from us - so we always see so much change when we visit!

you would think it not possible to just keep getting successively cuter but here is living proof of it! LOL!

some other photos along the way-

an infant - so OK maybe a bit Winston Churchill like- LOL but wait...

here she is about 9.5 months

here just before her first birthday

here about 14 months-

but this is when I feel in head over heels in love - before this she was only a baby but after this she was the world's most adorable....and remains so-

OMG! how cute is this photo???? !!!!!   thanks to her wonderful parents for letting us watch her grow up!

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