Tuesday, December 24, 2013

what are we doing for lunch tomorrow?

this is a common question asked at any Friedman dinner- LOL

so as we were dining in Miami last weekend with brothers Steve & Larry and sister Suzanne the topic of course turned to the next meal, the next wine, the next stone crabs, the next afternoon drink locations etc etc etc....

and we did have some good ones along the way-

Saturday night at db Bistro Moderne
Sunday lunch at Garcia's for stone crabs
Sunday afternoon at Monty's
Sunday dinner at Michael's Genuine Food and Drink (MGFD)
Monday lunch at la Camaronera
Monday afternoon at Jaguar in the Grove
Monday dinner at Pascal's on Ponce

all accompanied by the 13 bottles we hauled down (via our winter home) to Miami for the dinners we planned...some excellent wines and only one bad bottle- and one that was heading over the hill but not quite there yet....

we started each night with Champagne at Larry's

the seafood plateau from db's (stone crabs came on their own platter)

salmon millefeuille-

lobster salad-

the pasta before the white truffles were shaved on top-

suckling pig-

the foie gras stuffed burger (the house specialty)

on to Sunday lunch- we were joined by my cousin Michele-

the one wine bottle was all I managed to capture of the Michael's Genuine dinner-

lunch on Monday - Phil's favorite-

the neon outside is waaay cute with a little wagging shrimp tail-

then we found a place to kick back outside in the shade where for a corkage fee we could bring champagne to while away the afternoon-

on to Pascal's on Ponce for a fabulous meal- we all chose the tasting menu and had rave reviews for the food...

we had three 1990 burgs two of which showed very well and one was just plain dead- not bad - just no there there---

so now we are back at our place (on Christmas Eve) and we had dinner here- stone crabs brought from Miami (because we would arrive in Sarasota too late for our fish places to be open on the holiday) and shrimp risotto - we skipped the salad and went right to dessert of pumpkin cake and whipped cream--- a few bottles to accompany the meal and now all are bedded down awaiting Santa and Christmas Day - LOL

of course I just made that up since all the Friedmans are Jewish- they are not waiting for Santa--- and tomorrow we will have quiche for breakfast and pizzettes for lunch and go out for dinner... and of course the plans have been discussed at length!

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