Saturday, December 28, 2013

back to china

so I know it has been a while since I posted about the China trip but I am now caught up with every day life posts so back to the China trip- where did I leave off??? that age old question- and it has been quite some time- so let me look...

oh yes, we had gotten through day two and just finished Baisha - the Naxi capital located outside of Lijiang in Yunnan province-

you may recall my showing this map before - it has relevant locations to follow along with the story of this part of the trip.. so right at this point we are still in Lijiang... on the morning of day three we headed out toward Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for a show (the Chinese equivalent of sound and light) called "Impressions of Lijiang"
it was a spectacle! more than five hundred "actors" (local farmers and village residents of the area) from ten ethnic minorities and a hundred horses - with singing and dancing and riding etc...

this was an amazing performance so I took lots of photos- I did try to limit the ones in this post but there was so much going on - it was tough to do.... the empty "set" with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background

over 100 horses but they galloped so quickly that it was tough to get more than a few in any one photo-

from there we went to the mountain itself and took a cable car ride to a high meadow... quite an impressive ride as the cable car was 120 cars long and had numerous stanchions to hold up the cable-

the only thing to buy up at the high meadow was yak meat- LOL- for sale everywhere in Yunnan province--- LOL

and one of many signs that struck us as humorous- apparently  it is OK to get close to the brown grass...

then off to lunch, back in Baisha - which was excellent before heading back to the hotel - we need to pack for moving on tomorrow to Zhongdian... a day in a car transfer with stops along the way....

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