Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jim and John's wedding trip

so OK I still am working on Li river photos and a post about that trip-meantime here are a few photos I do not have to cull through from our travel buds Jim & John - who got married last year after something like 30 years together (YEA!!!) and are celebrating in SE Asia--- so since they sent some photos I thought I would post a few of theirs to keep you occupied while I continued working on the China photos-

I loved this temple in the middle of the city photo- for one thing because we don't have temples sitting in the middle of our cities but more for the atmospheric moonlight-

it put me in mind of one of my photos from the trip we took were we met the two of them- along the Dalmatian coast- in the case of this (one of my favorites) photo- we were in Kotor, Montenegro for the evening - and the moon was out and yet there were clouds- and the city wall was lit very nicely for the evening- so the perfect combination for a wonderful photo memory-

and since I had to go find that photo on a external hard drive here are a couple from Vietnam and Laos from a trip Phil and I took- 2 from each place so I can go back to work on my China photos-

first up two from Luang Prabang in Laos (night market parasols and temple buddhas)

then two from Vietnam- dragon boat from Hue on the Perfume River and then monks (and their pup) at a monastery in Dalat-

enjoy- back soon (I hope - I really do- the river photos have really bogged me down)

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