Tuesday, June 17, 2014

afternoon and evening

we decided to visit the Field Museum to see the special exhibit on the Columbian Exposition of 1893 (the White City)


having a bit of spare time we went into the regular exhibits - which I always find bothersome- the animals that were destroyed especially the young cubs etc... really make me angry- the whole thing seem archaic to me- not unlike the zoos of the era where all they had were rectangular cages with bars and not even the attempt at reproducing the environment the animal might actually live in- truth be told I am not a fan of zoos despite knowing they do some good work- I would rather see the animals in sanctuaries instead of zoos and would prefer reserves rather than sanctuaries/preserves... let them live in their space and have people come to visit...

after the museum we had dinner with the Chicago Gourmets group at Cyrano's Farm Kitchen. We have been here before and had two outstanding meals - both very memorable in their own ways-

here are the posts from the prior meals-

where we have a great time drinking several bottles of our own wine while the host gets blotto and his wife leaves- LOL

and the next - posting on the meal which was superb!

tonight we enjoyed a fabulous menu - of traditional foods in the style of the Chef's youth- here are some things from the restaurant website- and the menu-

more details and photos below-

so - a wonderful evening and interesting day... coming tomorrow - A10 the new hot spot in Hyde Park (yes, you read that correctly- LOL) see you there!

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