Thursday, June 19, 2014

the actual A10 meal

OK - so we wouldn't necessarily go to Hyde Park for a meal but our dinner there was incredibly fun AND the food was really good too... maybe it had to do with the lovely and excellent service from Jenna as well as the warm welcome we got from Chef John and his sous chef (whose name I did not hear) but the evening was one of those "more than the sum of the parts" kind of events- good company a very convivial group...really fun time.

so here were the wines-

the menu was just the bones- we had an added course and an added dessert - and of course brought our own wines (however we did order the Auxerrois from the "house")

started on an excellent note with the Grand Annee from Bollinger- (thanks Mark & Mirella!!!)

Lainie and Dieter brought another yummy champagne that was new to me-

the oyster- crunchy and briny with a lovely dollop of creme fraiche

the excellent kohlrabi salad (ingredients loving grown by prisoners - no joke- they no longer make license plates they are farmers...)

lovely pea soup with crunchy bits of dehydrated peas-

the pasta (had a kick to it and again, crunch - this time garlic bread crumbs really crispy!)

our surprise - added course- of a perfectly prepared scallop-

the main - a really tasty steak frites with real frites!

a double dessert with soft serve and the promised donut!

fun evening- like I said really more than the sum of the parts- thanks to Mon & Beth for putting it together and to our other dining companions for the company, as well as to the A10 staff and chefs for the exemplary service and food!

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