Friday, October 24, 2014

a couple of interuptions

I had gotten off to a good start with the Italy posts when I found myself interrupted by life...LOL- it happens...

first we had friends over for dinner (shrimp & mango salad, sea bass, roasted broccoli, and potato kugel and a trifle for dessert) then we had dinner at friends (along with a visit with their almost three year old) and then dinner with friends (out at a restaurant-LOL) and then I went to Florida to get the condo ready for winter...scheduled the pressure washing guy, the cleaning woman and the pest guy for the three days I was there...

I was lucky enough to enjoy a few lunches outside while I was there- the first lunch was at Star Fish - and i also took home stone crab claws for dinner- from the market there---

the next morning I had my toast on the porch and here was my lovely view-

the UPS boxes arrived and I unpacked my newest little mermaid - and she joins the other gals in the kitchen of the Florida condo-

I hung a couple of small palm trees in our "hall of palms" (LOL)

hung a couple of more paintings in the "lanai" the former screened porch that is now glassed in and serves as the Phil office location-

then I just got the furniture out of storage and into the courtyard and on the porch - so we can use it upon arrival...

then because the day was too beautiful to stay in, I went to the beach to have lunch at the Beach House (grouper tacos)

it was really not at all crowded- just wait - season is coming!

you can see what a fabulous day it was-

then yesterday I flew home to Chicago - arriving about 5:30 PM in time to head out to 42 grams for dinner... separate post on the meal but here is the menu to entice you to read on....

so come on back... no only do we have 42 grams, we have next:Trio 2004 and goosefoot also coming up in the next few days and the Italy posting will return with Venice and Bologna as well!

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