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Saturday, October 25, 2014

an intricate thriller

Last night's theater outing was a good one and gets a solid "thumbs up" from me... we saw Danny Casolaro Died for You at the Timeline theater.  Terrific performances- really first rate! There were three truly outstanding performances, with a fourth one in the running for that appellation as well...

The actors who played the characters of Danny and Vacarro and Nichols were all amazingly evocative of a full gamut of personality profiles and emotional range.  And in the "just one step down" category of accolades was the actor who portrayed the character of  Riconoscuito.  Half of the six actors portray numerous characters and yet make each one distinct in voice and manner...


This play is complex- as were the issues Danny was investigating that he called "The Octopus" - these included the Iran Contra affair and the BCCI banking scandal and CIA covert operations at an Indian Reservation in Indio California - various murders (up to and including his own...) - and when I read the background materials online before the play I was thinking two things 1. this is an awful lot of material to keep straight and 2. this may end up being more of a newspaper article than engrossing theater.  I am very happy to be able to say that neither worry was realized.  This play is a complex character study with "thriller" underpinnings and it is fraught with the sense of wrongdoing bordering on downright evil.

there are many levels to this story and the best way to enjoy it is to buy tickets and see it for yourself...

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