Thursday, November 13, 2014

the curtain rises... again

last night began the theater season "south" - as we went to the first of eight plays we have tickets for (along with several concerts and the blues festival - so far... so a lot of reviewing coming up...)

it seems this is a season for Mamet revivals- you may recall we recently saw The Cryptogram at Profiles Theater in Chicago- here is the post link if you wish to refresh your memory-

and last night- another Mamet revival - this time The Water Engine - kicked off the FSU Conservatory theater season.  here is some information from the play's materials -

 so my review is fairly neutral - I thought it intellectually interesting but cared not one whit about any of the characters... which unsurprisingly is my usual reaction to Mamet- in all the years I have seen his work I think the only thing I really liked was The Spanish Prisoner and I think I liked that because it was perfectly suited to his style - a thriller/mystery where the whole point was to unravel the knots of the story, not to get involved with the characters... so while I thought the production was well done I have come to the conclusion that I just don't care for Mamet - despite his stellar reputation...

but many more things to see and enjoy before we return to the "north" theater season - because we finish our theater year up there in the spring.... so as always- stay tuned...

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