Wednesday, December 3, 2014

going postal

OK I don't often use this blog to rant but I have wasted so much time on the issue I am about to describe that I can completely understand the frustration that causes people to go postal about the post office.

In mid October we forwarded our mail for the season - given that it worked so sporadically the past four winters I thought  to myself- perhaps if I PAY THEM to forward the mail through their premium forwarding service they might ACTUALLY SEND THE MAIL TO US.... Alas - that doesn't seem to be the case.

They do however manage to CHARGE my VISA every week... so I now have six SIX count them SIX weekly charges and I have gotten mail three - A MERE THREE times.  At this point I haven't seen forwarded mail for more than twelve days.  ONLY ONE TIME has it been done correctly- sent on Wednesday and delivered on Friday (oh did I mention this is supposed to be being sent priority mail?)

this is some kind of scam on the poor consumer-

sadly despite my effort to rid myself of all actual paper for many reasons - not the least of which is the abysmal service of the USPS- I am unable to convince the State of Illinois to send my license tag renewal via email and I am awaiting the form. I do have all my bills sent via email now because I have so little trust in the PO the last thing anyone needs is ruined credit scores because the mail can't be delivered in a timely manner.

As I said I thought at $17 a week I could expect to actual get my forwarded mail but I was so wrong. I filed a complaint in week three when week two didn't come - got a lot of "sorry sorry sorry" but no change in actual mail delivery.  Now in week six I have "opened another investigation" LOL- yeah sure.... six charges three deliveries....

And you will love this- the 800 number gave me a direct number for Consumer Affairs in Chicago- I was on HOLD 37 MINUTES and then they hung up on me- but I do know the difference between certified and registered mail now thanks to the endless loop of info on hold....

My call to the actual post office that is supposed to be forwarding my mail rang and rang and rang and then someone picked up and hung up.... really? you wonder why you are being put out of business... let's talk.... oh no sorry- you don't answer your phones...

oh and did I mention that they do not have an email address anywhere on their website?  It's 2014 folks!

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