Sunday, November 30, 2014

I LOVE ginger!

OK, my husband has a lobster addiction... we knew that - but now I may have to go into a recovery program for my ginger beer "jones" LOL....

today we went to a new (to us) market in town and they had lots of choices on specialty soft drinks so I bought one each of two new ginger beers and two of the ones I know I like... I left behind the Reed's because that is seriously NOT enough kick to really be called ginger beer should really be called ginger ale.

But I digress. When we go out for sushi Phil gets one little bit of the ginger and I get the rest- and if we get several platters with ginger on them I still get 90% of the ginger. I seriously LOVE ginger and about a dozen years ago when I was in the UK on a business trip, my colleagues and I went to Kew Gardens for the day.  We stopped for lunch and in the cafeteria eatery there I chose the ginger beer not really knowing the difference. My life was forever changed... I don't know what the brand was. I wasn't savvy enough to understand that every one is different or how difficult it would be for an American to find really good ginger beer with a kick to it.

anyway- years passed and I became a "ginger beer junkie" LOL- everywhere I traveled in the world I tried their ginger beer - the mother lode of options was New Zealand... I think I had a different kind every day of the nearly three weeks we were there... heaven- and they knew how to do ginger beer! not too sweet and plenty of heat/kick...

so I am doing a taste test- tonight I have the Maine Root Ginger Brew- and I think it is excellent!

so here my two new ones-

and here are two tried and true that they carried at the market today-

sometimes I am lucky enough that they have diet Bundaberg which is great because I am not thrilled with all the sugar in these hi-test sodas...

and here are the ones I sampled in New Zealand, Australia and Canada... clearly there is a British Empire thing going on with this drink...

below my first Bundaberg and first Fentiman's

I'll get back to you on the Gosling's taste test... but for now I am enjoying my Maine Root (made in Portland, ME - so we CAN do it in the US...)

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