Monday, February 16, 2015

a new experience

so for Valentine's Day because I (we) had only been to two folk concerts in the last seven days - we went to another... remember Dana & Susan Robinson of the previous Saturday night? "Sink the Cheerio, boys! sink the Cheerio!" - followed by Roy Book Binder- "Step right up!" (to the medicine show x2).... well that wasn't enough for my folkie husband (despite being more than enough for me - or so I thought)

we trekked an hour and ten minutes north to some one's house to hear another folk concert. Except that this one didn't have any fiddles and the singers didn't repeat their songs (oh maybe a few lines- LOL) and everyone couldn't have been lovelier is they tried.  The singer(s) were Tim Grimm and his wife Jan. We had seen Tim last year in a The Grapes of Wrath at Asolo and I think Phil has seen him a number of other times, and even talked about going to his festival in Columbus, Indiana.

and I will tell you up front I really liked them both despite the fact that there were two dead animals in the first four songs (a old black dog put to sleep on a concrete slab and a dead horse- sooooo not good in this animal lovers book- song number one and I am already in tears... ) but they managed to pull it out.  He sings/writes songs with real melodies and excellent stories and she adds wonderful depth through evocative harmonic playing.  Her playing and purposeful harmonizing really gave an added dimension to the songs. There was a vast stretch of open space, a length of time that came through with the harmonica that really added to the songs emotionally.

so despite the fact that it was three concerts in eight days - this was worthy. The hosts of the concert - (I had never been to a "house concert" before) Craig and Alexa, were extremely welcoming and even though many of the folks there seemed to know one and other, everyone was very friendly. They do this several times a year and are organized on Face Book as "Our Kind of Folk" and can be found at - in case you get to Tampa Bay area and are seeking this type of music.

LOL the empty stage-

a very nice evening - my favorite song was "Blame It on the Dog" with a several others following in close race for second favorite - including the song Tim wrote for the Grapes of Wrath. All in all a good to class now!

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