Sunday, February 8, 2015

a quick interlude

A nice evening last night under the open sky in Desoto National Memorial Park (a National Park) on the Manatee River- we heard Dana & Susan Robinson play and sing.  They were sponsored by the Friends of Desoto. Bring a chair and or sit on the lawn. About 400 people showed up! And although it was chilly after sundown the venue is quite welcoming.

you may recall my posting about this tiny park (could be one of the smallest in the National Park Service) before - when I visited with Jen & Dave (the newlyweds!) last year- here are a few photos-

the grassy are shown in the center of the parking lot is where the concert was held last night- quite a bit bigger than it might seem - the roughly 400 folks only took up about half way back on the green-

and you may recall a recent post from my Maritime History class - on the four Spanish explorers who came to Florida and failed to establish a colony here... Desoto was one of them-

and my next post will be on the expedition of Pedro Menendez (terrorist of the 1550-1560 period in world history)- but of course it was "in the name of God"....

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