Friday, March 20, 2015

three recent reads...

so in between having guests for lunch and getting a bunch of household work done (new light fixtures and outside outlets) and various other things- I found time to get some reading done- and caught up with several books that I have been looking at on the shelf for quite some time (ahem...maybe even longer than that- LOL)

enjoyed these first two and am enjoying now The Interestings which was popular a while back (I may be the only person who has yet to crack open that copy of Da Vinci Code - LOL) 

anyway- I can recommend all three of these books- 

The Dead Beat is non fiction and is about those who write the obits and excerpts a number of fabulous gems from various obits of the famous, the not so famous and the unknown...published in English language newspapers (mostly here in the US and in the UK)

from the blurb this could be mistaken for chick-lit but it was much better written and a deeper exploration of the ups and downs of being married and what it takes to live with someone for decades... (and not kill them- LOL)

and here is what I am reading now and loving- only about 100 pages into the 500+ but it is going fast! a good sign!

and here is one I got more than half way through by sheer force of will and then decided I could call it complete - as I said to Phil, this would have been better to read the cliff notes- waay more information than it could take and still be an interesting story - and despite its good review (however many years ago) it just couldn't hold my attention to the finish....

so on we go.... this is our last very busy arts/culture/sporty week for this winter - with the opera last night, the wine walk tonight, Itzhak Perlman on Saturday and the Cards on Sunday - then CBGB at Bern's on Monday and Asolo (second to the last play for the season) on Wednesday... busy week and soon it will be the farewell tour of our favorite restaurants before we head up north.... so stay tuned...

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