Monday, March 30, 2015


So I had "kind of - sort of" set a goal for myself of reaching 50,000 page views before my blog hit the four and a half year mark (4-22-2015) and I made it ahead of goal!  today! March 30th, 2015...

When I started blogging- as you may know - my sister had recently died and exactly two months after my first blog post- which was about my cat's birthdays - my mother also died...  So the blog became a journal to me- a place where I could remember the two women who most shaped my life. My sister (17 months younger than I) for 54 years and my mother my whole - to then - life (and actually beyond) of at that point, 56 years.  So along the way I wrote about them, about my family, about my travels, about plays I saw, about concerts I went to, about restaurants we tried, pretty much anything...including my conflict with the awning guy and the post office etc...LOL

I was amazed when shortly after I started the blog, I was having multiple hundreds of page views a month- and then it went up.  My highest month ever was over 2300 views and the monthly average for all of 2014 was 1640 a month... so thanks for reading!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming-

in the past few days we have been catching up on places, as the start of the "farewell" tour for this winter- we had lunch at Skinny's  (a favorite dive burger place on AMI)

we met friends Al & Carol, out at Linger Lodge- another dive place, an old fish camp in the backwoods river country-

and last night we went to Pacific Rim for excellent sushi- (it's also BYO with corkage fee so we could bring our own Champagne...)

and as time winds down for our season in the sun, I am making appointments for the servicing of the HVAC, the water heater, etc... so when the caretaker takes over his "off-season" duties everything will be ready for him.

and... for those who follow the blog for the travel stuff- we have started working on the 2016 trip planning... LOL - I know, I know... we haven't left for the first of the 2015 trips but hey... we figure if the calendar is full the grim reaper can't fit in an appointment LOL- or some such nonsense- LOL- really - we both love to travel and now we have the time! Being retired is SOOOO fabulous. My role model for retirement, Jennifer Bater, did a great job- and I hope we can be similar inspirations to others!

Go NOW! and while you are at it, Safe Journeys!

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