Wednesday, April 1, 2015

a return engagement

Last night we returned to Bridge Street Bistro for a second try - again lovely setting - here is the tail end of the sunset we watched as we went over the Cortez Bridge to AMI.

you can see the railing in the above shot- our table was located on the third floor right at the railing overlooking the Gulf of Mexico- below a little different angle cuts out the railing and I think better shows the people at the beach who are watching the tail end of the sunset (which have been fabulous the last week or so!)

there was a cool breeze but I had remembered to wear a sweater- the night before it was cooler but the garden where we sat at the Blue Marlin (also located on Bridge Street) was without any breeze and very comfortable.  - below the garden lights at Blue Marlin.

here is the food from last night's dinner-  which actually ended up pairing well with the 2000 St Innocent Seven Springs Pinot Noir we brought.  Lobster fritters to start, followed by a Bistro Salad (we split these items)

Then I had the Scallops Oscar and Phil the seafood risotto - sorry about the photo - the lighting was strange and I didn't fill in the flash (should have) like I did for Phil's risotto dish... I very much liked the flavor of my dish but to my taste the scallops were slightly overcooked- although a very generous portion not a single one had a center that was just slightly translucent - every one was cooked all the way through :-(

On the other hand Phil loved his risotto and declared it perfect, he had ordered it without the mussels (maybe thinking we would be eating TONS of mussels in just six weeks when we get to Brussels)

so although I have had two less than stellar meals here I think I just need to refine my ordering - everything is made to your order so I am sure next time I can ask for the scallops to be cooked to "the temperature of my liking" as our friend Rainey always says!

Overall I still have a preference for the Blue Marlin but the Bridge Street Bistro has hand;s down best view! Both places are worthy of trying- and if you do go to the Bistro then be specific about how you wish to have your food prepared and I am sure you will be happy with the meal- not to mention the spectacular view!

Tonight our (likely) last time at Waterfront and tomorrow Michael's on East... this week (to ten days) is the final restaurant week because once we get to the last five days for Phil's stay we will be in full swing with the Sarasota Film Festival (SFF) - so lots more to come!

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